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Are you a proptech leader looking to stay ahead of the game? Look no further than the key insights shared by Kylie Davis President of Proptech Association Australia, and leading expert in real estate, proptech, and digital marketing.

One key insight shared by Davis is the importance of market consolidation and bundling. Customers don't want to see 40 different lines on their credit card bills, so bundling is the way of the future. Additionally, she stresses the need to avoid the dopamine rush of solving the same problem over and over again. Instead, take the time to rethink and innovate.

Here are some of the other key takeaways:

  • Listen to your customers - don’t hide from feedback
  • Think about marketing before product - what’s your story
  • Don’t try to make every decision - let go or you’ll enter into a self perpetuating downwards feedback loop
  • if you’re a leader who has issues with control and perfection - get a therapist - seriously (can attest to value of this)
  • Profit over sales in market context - always depending on your stage - you will never please everyone so choose your poison. Funders today are talking about unit economics
  • Open vs closed product - pick your poison and stick to it
  • Profitability - safety vs scale - moonshot or roofshot. You choose your level of risk and shift your mindset

If you're a proptech leader looking to stay ahead of the curve, download the key insights pdf from Kylie Davis today. These valuable insights will help you navigate the ever-changing world of real estate and proptech, setting your business up for success.

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