A real game-changer for LJ Hooker Nerang

Rex is an all-in-one CRM and automation platform for agencies big and small. Save time on repeatable tasks and focus on what matters most with Australia's most powerful real estate agency platform for admins.
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Our tried, tested and trusted methods to build lifelong relationships

Prospecting and business generation
Preparing, marketing and selling listings
Process management for admin, operations and financials
Business monitoring and performance management
Emily-Jane Megraw

Meet Emily. Award-winning admin and one happy Rex user.

Thanks to Emily, LJ Hooker Nerang has significantly reduced the number of tools in their tech toolbox. That means no more wasted subscriptions, time spent clicking from one platform to another or double data entry. Rex has streamlined and automated a number of Emily's tasks, freeing her up to focus on what matters most: providing an exceptional customer service.
REB Office Administrator of the Year 2019
Winner of LJ Hooker Nerang's Top Community Relationship 2020
Looking to cut admin time so you can focus on delivering memorable customer service like Emily?
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Our tried, tested and trusted methods win listings

Active buyer matching
Appraisal win/loss tracking
Best practice follow-up tracks and reminders
Two click Comparative Market Analyses
Over 4,488 annual admin hours saved by Emily
98% support happiness rating
Over $63bn sold through Rex
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Saving 88 hours a month with Rex

Emily decided to time herself actioning all of her day to day tasks in LJ Hooker Nerang's old system, and then did exactly the same in Rex. She discovered the average administrator would save 88 hours every month just by using switching systems. But there's more.

The biggest difference Rex has made to LJ Hooker Nerang is that real estate agents and property managers themselves are actually using the system.

They know where to go to check their reminders, they know where to go in the app to do their leads, they know where to go to do their phone calls and follow-ups.

From an admin point of view, it’s freed us up. It means we’ve got more time to do dollar-productive activities for the company.
Emily Megraw
Office Manager at LJ Hooker Nerang
Emily-Jane Megraw

Get your agency up and running fast

Rex's powerful functionality is packaged into a beautiful, simple interface that’s modelled on popular platforms like Facebook and Google – so it feels familiar and logical to use.

"The day that we switched on Rex on a Monday, everything was in – no one actually really knew the difference. It all ran perfectly well."

hours days.

Fully-featured mobile app & Open Home Kiosk app
Full sales trust accounting support
Mass actions and automated workflows
Integrations with Xero, REI Forms & RealWorks, 
ADLForms and more
Want to run your agency like a well oiled machine?
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Better results means happier clients

Delayed portal uploads for pre-market advertising
Automated new listing alerts and price change alerts
Agent activity and buyer feedback reports
Beautiful, branded newsletter and brochure builder
Marketing engagement insights
Looking to deliver a memorable customer service and long lasting customer connections?
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Keep your pipeline full, 
for good.

Reminder step-through
Integrated sales history
Bulk mail merge
Scheduled SMS and email
Upcoming appointment agenda
Need unique prospecting tools to maximise every opportunity, with minimal effort?
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No more blind spots

Duplicate data detection and prevention tools
Mass migration of record ownership and reminders
Specialised commissions and contracts tracking
Key performance indicators
Fine-tuned brand settings
Looking to get back complete control over your data, your processes and your agency?
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Admins, agents, owners.
Everyone loves Rex.

Not just a CRM for better client experiences. Rex gives you, and all your staff the tools they need to do their jobs, better.
“Rex is an outstanding software suite that makes my real estate business a whole lot easier.”
Neil Walker
Principal of LJ Hooker The Bay
“I researched the hell out of CRMs before committing to REX. I have been using it now for almost 1 year - and it is life changing! The support is second to none.”
Mark MacCabe
Principal of MacCabe Real Estate
“I love being able to operate my business from home, a coffee shop, interstate, or even overseas.”
Peter Hutton
Agency Owner of Hutton & Hutton
“Rex has helped me cope with the modern demands of real estate.”
David Snow
Principal of Peter Snow & Co
“Brilliant CRM with a prompt and efficient support group.
So glad we made the change.”
Lyn Griffiths
Sales Specialist at Amazing Apartments
“The ease of use of Rex means our agents are far more likely to input the data they receive ... it makes their (and my) life significantly easier.”
Michael Whittaker
Principal of Bathurst Real Estate
“It’s caused people to be quite surprised that I’m still actually maintaining contact with them because there’s a lot that don’t.”
Petro Geyl
Sales Director of Innov8 Property
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Feature filled to provide excellent customer service

Rex’s full feature set has been built to help real estate agencies create long-term loyalty, a great market reputation and the foundation for a strong business powered through referrals by extremely happy clients.
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Mobile and desktop lead management

You’ll automatically receive a notification whenever a buyer enquires about a listing. Pick it up on your mobile or desktop.

Email dropbox

Follow them up with an email from Rex, or via outlook using the dropbox and Rex will automatically create an email entry in the system.

Custom fields

Pop their details and requirements into a new contact record. Over time, you’ll build your relationship through these touch points - learning what school their kids go to, which football team they support and other helpful context you can use to match them with their perfect property. Add it all to their contact record.

Email marketing

Subscribe them to your email marketing. Using custom filters, you can make sure they only get the newsletters meant for local football fans and parents, for example.

Automated email and SMS

Rex will automatically send a match alert when you list something that meets their requirements.

Automated vendor reporting

At the same time, Rex automatically updates your sellers to show them the work that’s going on behind the scenes and promptly surface applicant feedback so pricing discussions can be had.

Track it all on your dashboard

See all this happening across every one of your listings from your dashboard. It’s accountability for the whole team and oversight at a glance for managers.

And that's just a taster

Rex is packed with hundreds of useful features – too many to list. Get in touch with our team for your personalised demo of Rex and its features.
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