How your inhouse data can drive prospecting and conversion

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How your inhouse data can drive prospecting and conversion

Agency principals probably suspect they have inhouse data that can help them drive prospecting and conversion but knowing how to use it to their advantage can be challenging.

Spreadsheets of numbers can give an indication of where your leads are but making decisions that count can still be guesswork.

Enter a dashboard with simple graphs  – you’ll spot challenges and opportunities immediately. This will help you devise strategies to grow your business and help with marketing campaigns.

“Today’s agency software providers have the valuable data hidden deep inside and are now focusing their efforts on surfacing it in ways that will fundamentally drive your agency to success,” says Rex CEO Anton Babkov.

“Here at Rex, we’ve recently spent a lot of time talking to agencies about the numbers that are important to their business and come away with some key dashboards to help drive your prospecting/marketing strategy and execution.”


With a live pipeline dashboard, you’ll get a daily feel for the status of your current listings. When the number of active appraisals falls below your standard benchmarks, you’ll see the need for additional prospecting activity.

This is a good way to restart prospecting activity like your best-performing appraisal lead generator campaign.


Your days on market number counter can generate a marketing campaign if your days on market look good or even falls. By making a quick graphic, you can use it to run a social ad on Facebook and Instagram.

This will attract property owners looking for a fast sale and could prompt them to ask about a market appraisal.


You can use the ‘just sold’ dashboard to your advantage. Watch as the ‘just solds’ appear and you’ll be able to rapidly build and publish the highlights in an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram.

In the campaign, you can include how many keen buyers you have in your database who lost out on these properties. You’re bound to attract the awareness of local homeowners who are considering placing their properties on the market.


Your sales team activity dashboard provides a visual chart highlighting the ups and downs of your team’s performance.

You can track daily activity like the number of calls made, the number of appraisal meetings booked, and the number of listings signed off.

This takes the guesswork out of your decision-making by allowing the numbers guide you. It enables everyone to know where they’re at and gives you the opportunity to set clear benchmarks and expectations.

Dashboards with visual data representations will:

  • Offer you total business visibility;
  • Enable you to stop wasting time manually looking through data;
  • Focus on the right things to improve results;
  • Reduce anxiety when your instincts are rightly or wrongly saying things aren’t on track;
  • Increase everyone’s productivity; and
  • Help you raise profits.

“As you can imagine, having all this information available on-demand in your dashboards gives you a huge advantage over your competition,” Babkov says.

“You know precisely how your business is performing and what to fix, while they spend the majority of their time on the wrong tasks.”

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