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KPI and Performance Reporting

Sales reports help to track and manage cross-agency and individual agent performance against key metrics like activity rates on follow-ups (calls, emails, SMS, etc.), appraisal win/loss ratios, sold/expired listings and engagement with sellers. The reports provide graphs with visual cues for managers and drill-down data for agents and managers to work on making improvements.

Rex also includes high level reports that track financial and general performance metrics. These detailed reports can be used to assess performance over time and between individual agents, or agencies in a group.

Track commissions per agent or across the agency
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Rex includes comprehensive tools to manage commission structures and default agent/agency deductions. This makes it simple to calculate commissions at sale time, simplifying forecasting and payouts.

Simplified commission entry ensures you have all the data you need to take advantage of Rex’s powerful commission reports. The CRM includes 11 specialised commissions and contracts reports. These are individually designed to allow admin staff and sales managers perform detailed analysis on commissions and cash flows. This level of transparency lets managers quickly identify areas for improvement.

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