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Data Management & Mass Actions

Data export capabilities for properties, listings and contacts within the CRM give you a quick and easy way to export data. Export is available from the list view which allows you to filter data, and choose the volume/content of data exported to your specific requirements.

Centrally manage tags and custom data across your agency
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Rex lets users with the right privileges create tags and custom data to record against records. Mass actions let you modify tags from one to thousands of records at the same time.

Use mass actions to manipulate large data volumes in bulk
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Mass actions allow a user to manipulate data in bulk. This time-saving feature allows a user to add or remove tags, add or remove mailing lists, reassign reminders, change record states and assign permissions to up to a thousand records in one fell swoop.

Using this functionality with Rex’s lists and advanced filters makes for easy, fast and accurate large data manipulation.

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