Tracking appraisal rates and win/loss rates is the easiest way to improve your agents’ performance. Appraisal stats like volume, conversion and interest level are also a great leading indicator for your agency’s business over the next few months.

Our CRM makes entering appraisals easy. That means more data is entered more often. More data means more reporting, which empowers you to track and identify areas where your staff can make quick improvements.

Manage appraisal data and track win and loss stats

In order to improve appraisal conversions – you need to first understand how your agency and individual agents are performing against the local competition. Appraisal tracking is often overlooked by real estate tools.

Rex makes win/loss analysis a core part of the appraisal and prospecting process, so you know exactly where you stand and areas to improve upon. No more blind leading the blind.

Track other agents’ boards from the CRM for competitive analysis

Win/loss analysis data is only half of the story – that’s why the CRM also includes OAB tracking functionality. Rex lets you track your competitors’ local activity – including ‘for sale’, ‘for lease’, ‘sold’, ‘leased’ and ‘under contract’ statuses.

This data helps paint a true picture – not only of the business you’re missing out on, but also on the business you never even see. You can identify areas your agency might be falling behind on to target – and staff that may be underperforming in their farm areas.

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Track conversion rates

Rex tracks appraisal-to-listing conversion on cold, warm and hot appraisals as well as listing-to-sale conversion on active listings. This lets you identify prospecting and sales trends as well establishing a more solid understanding of which staff are performing well and who needs a little support in particular areas.

Tasks, tracks, templates – all bases covered