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Marketing Outputs

Rex lets you generate marketing material that looks like it was made exclusively for your agency. A full suite of flexible property lists and customisable brochures will put your properties and agency in the best possible light.

Customisable public stocklist that's as flexible as you need it to be
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Like all reporting outputs in the CRM, the public stocklist will adopt your brand colours to ensure that your agency’s image is well represented in print. The stocklist can be modified to accommodate one of six sizing options – allowing you to present as much or as little information as you need. In addition, the stocklist can be formatted/output in a booklet format.

Rex also includes a more compact ‘strip-list’ format that potential buyers and tenants can use at a glance.

Two internal stocklist formats to help staff know your agency’s stock
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Rex includes a detailed and light-weight internal stocklist. The detailed list includes all information available in the public list as well as key info like alarm codes and vendor contacts so that inspections can be quickly carried out. The compact list provides basic info to identify any stock at a glance.

Customisable brochure templates
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You can use Rex’s advanced brochure editor to customise Rex’s standard suite of brochures/marketing collateral. Out of the box, Rex includes:

  • A3 horizontal and vertical brochures
  • A4 horizontal and vertical brochures
  • A5 horizontal and vertical brochures
  • 3-up DL brochures

Any of the brochures can be easily adjusted to display ‘for sale,’ ‘just listed,’ ‘just sold,’ or ‘auction’ announcements.

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