Upgrade your property data in Rex through powerful property data integrations

Rex is integrated with APM PriceFinder and RP Data (Australia & NZ).  This integration allows you to import property records into Rex in bulk and access some core functionality from APM PriceFinder/RP Data from inside Rex. On your property records in Rex you can access live sales history, generate CMAs and see detailed property data exposed by the two property data services.

Bulk Import property data for your subscription area

You can import anything from one to one thousand properties from APM PriceFinder/RP Data into Rex in one fell swoop.  Properties for import can be selected individually, by street, or even by drawing out your catchment area using a map.  The data you can import includes addresses, property characteristics and images.

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Link properties to access sales history, fresh data and generate remote CMAs

APM PriceFinder/RP Data can both be linked to your property records.  Key attributes (bedrooms, bathrooms, area and so on) will be stored permanently against your property records in Rex. Our CRM software keeps your property records as up-to-the-minute as possible, so any data that is prone to change – such as sales history – is pulled live.

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Send prospecting letters using imported data

Having all the property addresses in your catchment area works extremely well (especially with new sub-divisions) with another part of Rex’s functionality – the mail merge. Once you’ve imported your property records it’s all too easy to print out letters for your new prospects.

List more properties – faster