Schedule follow-up calls, emails, letters or SMS messages by adding reminders or activity tracks

The reminders tab allows quick addition of follow-up activity. This can include simple task-based reminders like follow-up calls or emails.

We’ve built special capabilities into Rex that allow you attach mail merge templates to follow-up email, letter or sms tasks. Used effectively, this feature can double or triple the follow-up capacity of a single real estate agent by letting them complete tens or hundreds of different merge tasks in seconds.

Use tracks (grouped, time released reminders) to execute powerful follow-up plans

Tracks are pre-defined lists of follow-up activities (Rex includes defaults; admin users can modify these or create their own to match your internal workflow), which can be quickly attached to property, listing and contact records.

Tracks can run for a number of weeks or a number of years to target specific types of prospect or current/past clients. Tasks can include attached mail merge templates, making tracks a powerful follow-up tool that lets every one of your clients feel like they’re the only one.

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Review track progress, defer or reassign track tasks

The track review dialog allows you to access the completion status of an entire track. From this dialog, individual tasks or the whole track can be deferred or the track terminated. Individual or all track tasks can also be assigned (and reassigned) to multiple owners. Reassignments can also be done across hundreds of tracks at once via bulk actions.

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