Quickly send emails, SMS messages and letters via the global [+] button

Quick-send functionality allows rapid creation of one-off correspondence to prospects and clients. You can create a simple one-off message, or choose to use an existing mail merge template.  Anything you send via quick-send is automatically filed against the related contact/property.

Task driven merge (templates)

Individual tasks within tracks can be attached to SMS, Email, and Letter Templates. Template attachment means rapid-fire follow up for unbelievable efficiency gains (see Bulk merge).

Mass merge via the email merge wizard

Rex lets you send template correspondence to tens or hundreds of contacts at once.   When sending a merge, you can pick an existing template from the merge template library or quickly create a custom template on the fly.

The Rex CRM steps you through the sending process and following send, shows a list of any records that failed to receive correspondence (and the reason for the failure). These can be shown in a filtered list for data cleaning, or to follow-up via an alternative contact method.

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Document attachment

Email merges can include sharing links to documents, images and other files. You can either upload new attachments at merge time, or attach documents previously uploaded to Rex against a property, listing or contact record.

List more properties – faster