Track appraisals to target activity and improve appraisal conversion

Rex lets you add and track the progress of property appraisals. Sales managers and real estate salespeople can use Rex to target activity to properties with active appraisals and track win/loss performance against competitors. KPI reports available to managers help to analyse your conversion rates and track performance against local competitive agencies.

Record other agents’ boards (OABs) to identify opportunities and assess competitive position

Our software allows tracking of other agents’ boards including properties for lease, sale and those that are leased or sold by other agents.   This toolset lets you and your staff to build powerful data on your local market and your position in it.

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Use reverse matching to show off your buyer database at listing presentations

Once you’ve entered the details of a property appraisal into Rex, you’re able match it to buyers who are looking for a property with those same characteristics. Use reverse matching as a listing tool at your appraisals by showing your potential seller live details on an iPad or laptop.

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Detailed performance analysis via KPI reporting

Rex includes powerful reports to benchmark agent prospecting and appraisal KPIs, improve appraisal win/loss ratios and understand your agency’s competitive position in its local marketplace.

List more properties – faster