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Simple Email Bulk Merge

Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a full-scale HTML newsletter to make a big impact in the real estate industry. That’s why Rex also includes email and SMS messages in its standard mail-merge capability. You can filter contacts and send targeted, tailored messages to one recipient or a thousand.

Rex’s email capability includes rich text/HTML formatting to ensure you always get a high quality outcome.

HTML signatures (with linked image support)
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Users sending emails need to ensure the output from the Rex CRM is at least as good as what comes out of their standard email client. Rex includes a facility to create a visual email signature (including support for custom HTML and externally hosted image files).

Rex tracks success when performing a mass merge to email or SMS. This means you might send an email to a filtered list of contacts. When some of the of the deliveries fail because a contact lacks an email address or SMS number, Rex lets you bring up a list of failed deliveries and use a fallback like a letter or phone call instead. Rex ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

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