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Newsletter Reporting

Email newsletters are a great marketing tool for real estate. The CRM makes them even better by providing powerful visual insights and in-depth reports about subscriber behaviour.

The newsletter reporting suite includes high level trend analysis on email open and clicks rates, as well as more in-depth insights into recipients’ interest in specific properties (where properties are included in a given email campaign) or content.

Make immediate contact with your most engaged contacts
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Rex lets you drill down to your most active subscribers (based on interaction events like open and click activity). From there you can navigate to a list or record view of those contacts right inside of Rex.

Drilling and quickly capitalising on your most engaged contacts means newsletter engagement reporting becomes less about passive analysis, and more about proactive engagement with interested clients.

Export engaged contacts for further analysis and interaction
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With the right privileges, Rex allows you to export your most engaged subscribers to excel or PDF, ready for in-depth analysis, for a quick calling list or for later follow-up by sales staff.

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