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Email Newsletters

Rex includes a simple, visual click and drag newsletter builder that lets you quickly construct HTML email newsletters to send to clients.

Newsletters, built in minutes, can include lists of available properties, upcoming open homes and auctions as well as more general image and text-based newsletter content. The builder requires no knowledge of HTML code.

Intuitive click and drag interface packed with features
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Adding and modifying sections of a newsletter is simple: click, configure options, and the content snaps into the newsletter. A preview mode shows the content as it would appear to each person receiving your email. Users can add a variety of property-specific content types including:

  • Property advertising lists (users select which properties are shown), with images, basic details and open home / auction times
  • Large feature property blocks for highlighting unique or important properties or for auction promotion
  • OFI lists / property strip-lists show basic information on upcoming events or properties of interest
  • Standard content blocks: for images, text and heading layouts
Regulation compliance mailing lists and subscription workflow
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Newsletter recipients are managed via Rex mailing lists. Users can add contacts to lists in a couple of clicks of their own accord; contacts can also be added as subscribers en-masse by admin staff with appropriate privileges. From there, the CRM tracks subscription and unsubscribe activity (by users and recipients) to ensure your mailing list management practice comply with anti-spam laws.

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