Write custom HTML blocks straight into your email newsletters

A one-size approach doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why Rex makes it simple to create and insert your own custom HTML newsletter code instead of using Rex’s Template builder. That gives you the flexibility to use outside designers / developers to build your newsletters your own way.

In-depth component customisation with advanced code editor for newsletters

For agencies that are work with more advanced outside web developers, Rex includes an advanced code editor. The editor is built to allow third party developers to modify and build on top of Newsletter building blocks and standard layout templates (like property list blocks). Developers can even define their own, reusable content blocks.

Agencies that use this approach can stamp their own visual / content style on Rex’s default layout templates; all while maintaining the ability of regular users to builder newsletters via Rex’s native builder UI and without any knowledge of HTML.

Advanced code editor editor for new listing updates and price alerts

The CRM’s advanced code editor also allows customisation of the standard email alerts (including new listing and price reduction alerts) via the same workflow.

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Professional newsletters in a click