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Vendor Feedback Reporting

Rex vendor feedback reports don’t just keep your clients informed on the progress of the sale.

We make sure they know just how hard you’re working behind the scenes.

Vendor reporting that incorporates feedback and chart-based analysis
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When adding feedback, you have the option to choose from one of seven different feedback types. Because different situations require different data to be logged within the system, this allows agents to easily add feedback without wasted time or confusing, irrelevant fields.

Collected feedback is used both to create a richer database for agents, and generate vendor reports. These reports can be tailored in include/exclude details about:

  • Portal enquiries and one-on-one buyer inspections
  • Attendance and individual feedback from OFI and private inspection attendees
  • Proposed price reductions and offers as well as formal record of other agent-vendor conversations
  • Activity carried out by the agent, including phone calls, emails and SMS’s to potential buyers and completed reminders
  • Charts and visuals to show enquiry sources, portal hits and OFI and inspection attendance

These can be printed or sent to vendors in a PDF format to give a clear overview of the progress of the sale, and the hard work carried out by their agent.

Feedback workflow tracks inspections and approval of feedback for vendor review
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The listing feedback functionality in Rex lets agents record individual buyer feedback, their interest level and a price indication.  Agents have the option to include this data in their vendor reports.

Given that it is not always the listing agent in charge of CRM data entry – or even walking a buyer through a property – when adding feedback into Rex you have the option to assign the feedback to the appropriate agent.

Rex’s feedback reporting workflow gives listing agents control to ensure that feedback goes back to vendors.  This level of reporting gives vendors complete visibility on the hard work that agents are doing to get their property sold.

Feedback attaches to both listings, and prospective buyer and tenant contacts, making follow-up easy
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Feedback from buyers – either from an individual inspection or attendance at an open home – is attached to the related contact record as well as the listing. When attaching buyer-specific feedback, you can either attach feedback to an existing contact or create a new contact on the fly.

Open home and inspection follow-up is enabled by quick tools to show the related contacts in a list for quick, easy access to run post-inspection follow-up calls or send follow up email or SMS messages in bulk via mail merge.

Quickly generate feedback reports
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The feedback report includes summary statistics and a customisable overview of feedback to be reported to vendors.  This provides agents with a powerful relationship management tool that helps keep clients in the know, and increase the chances of referral business.

Reports can be generated for the period you specify.  Choose the way you report.

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