Generate picture-perfect window cards and brochures in a single click

As soon as listing details are added and images are uploaded into Rex users can effortlessly generate eye-catching brochures that perfectly match your agency’s brand/colour scheme.

Rex includes several default brochure templates (A4, 3-up DL, Just Sold, Just Listed, etc.) that can be used as they are, or adjusted to suit the particular requirements of your brand.

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Powerful brochure builder for self-service custom brochure creation

Rex includes a powerful web-based brochure-building tool that allows you to create (or recreate in Rex) completely custom brochures. The brochure generator includes a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual editor, as well as a custom HTML mode that allows insertion of code-based layouts.

The brochure builder allows access to merged listing data (including custom data added in custom tags), giving you the ultimate flexibility in what you want to display in your marketing material.

Listing stock-lists, strip lists, OFI and auction lists

Impressive branded property stock-lists and other branded event-focused reports can be generated from the listings module, or the reporting section of the admin area.  Reports include:

  • Event lists (OFI/Auction)
  • Public stock-lists in a variety of formats
  • Public Listing booklets
  • Internal stock-lists (including inspection / vendor details)
  • Strip lists

In additional to outputting default reports, Rex gives you the ability to export data to .csv to merge data into your own reports/branded lists layouts.

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Listing data integration with CampaignTrack

Among other third party services, Rex is integrated with CampaignTrack: a complementary software product used to manage VPA campaigns, invoicing and product ordering (signboards, professionally printed brochures, etc.). To make this process simpler, Rex pushes listing data (including core info, events and high resolution images) directly to CampaignTrack to remove double-handling.

Take control of your listings