Comprehensive property portal support for Australia and New Zealand

Rex uploads to 35 Australian, New Zealand and international real estate sites. For supported portals (including all Australian portals, and Rex uploads immediately following any change to a given listing.  The list of default supported portals grows constantly.

To facilitate easy access to agency listing data, Rex also supports custom uploads to other endpoints (including smaller portals or your own website). Uploads are supported in any one of the Australian-native property portal upload standards (including REAXML, REIV, REIWA, Domain and

Validation checking ensures properties are valid and gives helpful advice for fixing invalid listings

Before allowing publication, Rex validates any given listing for the publication requirements of the web portals it will be uploaded to. To avoid frequent errors, upload is restricted to properties that are deemed valid. Rex provides you with helpful corrective actions to ensure a property is valid before it is published.

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Auto-updates trigger new listing and price change alerts via email/SMS to interested buyers and tenants

Automated new listing alerts and price change updates can be scheduled for delivery via email and SMS to contacts looking to rent or buy properties with similar characteristics.

Properties sent via email campaigns to contacts link back to branded property “microsites” that help showcase the property and your brand. Rex can instead point to listings on your own agency website to drive more traffic your way.

Marketing value overrides allow hiding of sale price, address and more

Rex allows override of a variety of real estate listing values including: sold price, address, listing agents, street number and under contract status.  Agencies with centralised enquiry management can also override listing agent details shown on property portals. Overrides can apply to all or specific channels (for example, a sold price could be hidden on property portals, but displayed on print marketing material).

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Publication settings allow fine-grained control over timing/coverage of marketing channels

Publication settings give you total control over where your listing will be available (portals, automatic buyer alerts, API, your own website, print material).  You can also stage the release of listings – so that properties can appear on some channels before others.   Listings can also be quickly added to or removed from property portals.

All upload events are logged and logs made available for review.  This gives you transparency and control over your portal marketing.

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Drag and drop photo uploads with auto-resize

Our image upload functionality is one of our users all-time favourite features. The easy to use ‘drag and drop’ functionality makes managing your listing photos a breeze. Simply drop one or more photos onto the listing image screen from your desktop or other folder; Rex will automatically resize and upload the images to your listing. Changing image order is also a quick drag and drop process.

Take control of your listings