The ‘Leads’ functionality allows your enquiries from real estate portals to be sent straight into Rex to be organised, processed and attended to. The Leads feature has been designed with real estate best practices forefront, and ensures agents never forget a follow up again, whilst enabling management to have visibility over the whole process.

Consolidate your leads into one digital log

With a special email address, Rex can pull enquiries straight from a portal or your own website and enter them into your ‘Leads enquiry log’. Other enquiries – such as walk-ins or phone calls – can be manually entered quickly and easily.

From here, you have a consolidated backlog of leads to follow up within your Rex account.

Make sure your valuable enquires don’t slip through the cracks

Because your leads are coming into the one exclusive inbox, you’ll never lose them or need to search through all your other emails again. Plus, because all your leads and follow-up reminders are in front of you at all times – nothing slips through the cracks.

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Semi-automated process

Rex is packed with ‘step-throughs’, which semi-automate your enquiries process. You are taken straight to the relevant listing, where you can easily process the enquiry based on the information submitted on the portal. From there, it’s as easy as moving onto the next lead with a click.

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Management level visibility

Each agent’s leads will be stored within their own leads backlog, keeping them on track with their enquiries.

However, users with the appropriate privileges can see an overview of the agency’s enquiries, how many leads individual sales staff have on the go and how far along they are with them. Storing leads for both the agent and agency allows for great transparency, and gives senior admin users a clear view of productivity and conversion.

Take control of your listings