Create tailored listing marketing plans in minutes

The vendor paid advertising (VPA) section in our CRM allows listing agents or admin staff to quickly build up marketing plans for presentation to vendors. Products can be added in bulk via reusable ‘marketing pack’ templates, and then modified or added to as needed.

Manage VPA inventory and tailor marketing pack templates

Admin staff can modify marketing templates to suit the way you do business.   A VPA management area lets users quickly add and update marketing providers, products and pricing. Individual VPA products can be grouped into ‘marketing packs’ (e.g. three packs to deliver advertising to a Gold, Silver or Bronze standard).

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Track and report on marketing activity

The listings module allows you to create a detailed marketing schedule (to be supplied to your vendors), indicating the intended scope of marketing scheduled and already completed for a given listing.  Marketing schedules contain a list of costs and booking dates and can be used as a form to be approved by vendors or for additional vendor reporting.

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Track advertising booking dates and completion status

VPA items include required booking dates and a booking status. A VPA bookings due/completed report allows you to view booking status across all current listings and to aggregate your booking process across your listings.

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Tracking VPA budget status via budget indicator

VPA budgets can be set and managed for individual listings. Once set, a visual status bar shows the “health” of the budget for a given listing: this includes budget balance remaining, whether the budget has been exceeded, and the balance of unvoiced VPA.

Finally financials functionality