Our clients entrust us with their data, so keeping it safe is incredibly important to us. We invest a lot into employing the top of the line security measures, to ensure your data is secure and that you have around-the-clock access to it.

Built on amazon infrastructure for scale and reliability

Rex’s infrastructure is hosted with Amazon. As well as being the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon is also the world’s largest and most relied upon supplier of virtual infrastructure.

Rex’s virtual servers in the Amazon ‘cloud’ are in the company of Twitter, Foursquare, NASA and the US Military.

The benefit of our infrastructure is that it can be scaled up and down depending on user demand. This allows Rex to target 99.99% uptime and reliably deliver a product that’s critical for your company.

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Bank-grade security protection

Amazon’s servers are housed in secure locations protected by physical security (biometrics, internal generators, the works) and virtual security, including the same encryption levels and security that’s been adopted by major banks and firewalls engineered by Amazon for its own operations. Your data is completely secure.

High availability and constant backups for disaster recovery

Our infrastructure is deployed across a number of physical locations around Australia. Our infrastructure is virtual; in the event of a hardware failure we can simply restart our server and immediately move to another physical server. As result, our downtime (in the event we ever experience any) is minutes not days. As well as that, we backup your files on at least an hourly basis.

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