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Custom Data, Tags & Filtering

Rex comes packed with a wide variety of default fields – however, all agencies approach customer service and management differently. You’ll probably require your own unique data to be stored against contacts. That’s why Rex supports custom fields – tags and data defined by you.

You have complete control over the data your agency requires in your contact records, allowing you and your staff to input, find and sort the information most relevant to the way you work.

You often need to pull batches of customers using variables other than company or name. Once you have stored your specialty tags in Rex, use filtering to define search criteria and conduct custom searches.

Filters are the data points Rex uses to get you the information you need. Sorting determines the order in which search results are presented. With Rex you can set custom filters and sort search returns alphabetically, by last added, by date, etc. It’s easy to find whatever you need – no matter how large your database.

Filtering contacts makes it easier for sales teams to more effectively and efficiently focus their efforts on a specific segment of customers. In Rex, you can create custom fields for contacts, properties and listings to help your future searches and track specialised information.

Tag contacts with relevant terms
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As well as values based custom fields, you can also store more arbitrary information against contact records as ‘tags’.

Tags allow a user to add any interesting snippets of information that they think might come in handy for a future sale. They can then be searched for in the same manner as custom fields.

If you knew, for example, that a potential buyer was a tennis fanatic – tagging them as such would prove  valuable if you ever listed a property with a tennis court. The value of your data is intrinsically linked to the volume that you store – tags allow you to build up a much richer record of your clients. In real estate, relationships are everything.

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