Rex is the single point of truth for every client interaction. This includes storage and access to virtually anything a user might need to know about their clients: photos, contact info, demographics, birthdays and any custom information individual users or agencies might be uniquely interested in.

The CRM also stores a rich tapestry of relationships individuals have with other properties or contacts, and a comprehensive stream of every interaction they’ve had with any other user in your agency.

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Contact management features

Contact Export and Mobile Sync

We’ve unlocked your data so you can do what you like with it

Custom Data, Tags & Filtering

Records defined by you - mould Rex to fit your agency

Contact Management

All the client information you need, whenever and wherever

Email Marketing & Compliance

Get the absolute most out of all your email correspondence

Integrated History

A perfect memory of all your client interactions

Contact Management Overview

Everything you need to know about your clients

Know your clients better than their own mothers