Visual and geographic walkthrough

Working with clients often starts at the office. Rex ensures that your buyers’ experience of their property walk-through is as visually impressive and information rich as possible.

Once a match profile has been created for a potential buyer or tenant, Rex allows users to walk them through properties to give them visual and geographical context (via a dedicated map view) with the click of a button. From within the CRM, users can open up a stunning overlay screen which displays all suitable properties in card view, or in context on a map, all while obscuring key information that needs to be kept under wraps. The overlay screen is suitable for display on an iPad while out in the field, or on your dersktop, laptop or even a TV while in the office.

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Immediate generation of custom email or printed stock-lists

Once an agent has identified that a buyer has interest in particular properties, these can be ‘flagged’ from the overlay screen. Rex consolidates flagged properties into a custom stock-list generated on the fly. You can also create a tailored HTML brochure which can then be emailed to the buyer with a click or printed for them to take home. This is real estate as it should be – personable and personalised.

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