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Match Profiles

Rex’s match profiles allow you to record detailed information about one or more distinct sets of client requirements. This might suit developers with varying requirements for candidate acquisitions, investors looking for a variety of opportunities or executive tenants with price expectations that vary depending on the suburb a property is in.

The CRM has a unique profile for each supported property/listing type, including residential sale and lease, commercial sale and lease, business sale and rural properties.

As well as defining quick match criteria, Rex allows you to run an advanced match against all listing criteria available for a given property type (including matching to your own custom listing data defined via tags or custom fields).

Fine-grained campaign settings
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Rex allows you to create ‘Match Campaigns’ to notify buyers whenever you add a listing that matches their specific requirements – completely automating the process. Users can set up individual campaigns for each one of a contact’s multiple match profiles, if they have two or more.

Each match profile defined for a contact includes fine-grained campaign settings that let you specify communication medium (SMS, email or both), the frequency of sends (from immediate to once every 12 months) and even a time of day to send. This allows you to create automated campigns perfectly tailored to your buyers needs – a necessity when dealing with buyers of varying interest levels.

Depending on a user’s specific campaign settings, Rex will:

  • send, or collate for later delivery, a list of new listings that match clients’ match profiles (new listing alert), or
  • send a price reduction alert for listings they’ve previously been sent (price reduction alert).

Our CRM also includes regulation compliant unsubscribe capability that lets clients unsubscribe from one or all match profile alerts.


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