Tailored interactions that deliver what your clients are actually looking for

All of Rex’s interactions with buyers are tailored to their requirements. A client might be a long-term investor with extraordinarily specific requirements. They might also be urgently looking for a high-end property to take out for executive lease. Rex can accommodate both scenarios by providing you with the ability to create custom match profiles and campaign settings for any set of requirements.

Leave it to your CRM to send automated alerts for new matching listings and price reductions

As soon as a listing is published, Rex can automatically broadcast targeted SMS and email alerts to buyers with matching requirements. When a listing price is changed, Rex can trigger alerts to potential buyers or tenants that have matching criteria, or have previously registered their interest.

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Buyer communications that reflect your agency’s client ownership approach

Agencies often have sensitivities around who can create and service a buyer. Rex gives you the flexibility to specify who alerts come from and which agent is displayed to buyers who click to view a detailed ‘micro-site’ for a property sent to them.

Spend more time doing what matters most