Two-Way Syncing

Important appointments and opportunities will never fall off your radar

You can count on the Rex calendar sync to ensure that important meetings and opportunities don’t slip off your radar. Rex automatically replicates the calendar entries in your external calendars into the Rex calendar so you’re always up to date.

Full two-way event syncing with popular calendar providers

Keep your external calendar without worrying about missing appointments. Rex supports two-way syncing with all the major calendar providers, including Google, Outlook and more, so you’re always in the loop without having to switch from one platform to another. Events added in your external provider will show up in Rex, and vice versa. When you make changes to event details, they’ll sync seamlessly.

Control which events get synced

You’re in complete control of your sync settings. You can sync your Rex calendars to multiple different external calendars, and choose which events to sync—giving you the flexibility to keep private appointments in your external calendar.

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