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See everything you need to do in the day ahead at a glance

The first thing every Rex user will see when they open the system is their personal dashboard.

A live activity stream gives you immediate updates on sales, leases, new listings and other goings-on in the office. The same stream also tells you which contacts need following up every day.

Agenda reminds users when follow-ups are due

An agenda shows details about upcoming appointments and gives you clear information about what follow-ups you have due/completed on any given day.

Any listings close to expiry will also feed to the listing agent’s dashboard to remind them to do any final follow-ups and start getting that listing re-signed as early as possible

Reminder stream for efficiently ticking off tasks

Rex’s ‘reminder step-through’ creates a special mode that allows users to power through their activity reminders in an incredibly efficient way. When activated, the step-through creates a reminder overlay at the bottom of your screen, while triggering related records to appear in the background.

Once a reminder is completed, simply click the next button and the next task related record appears.

Stay on track with the progress bar

To further enhance Rex’s user experience, the agenda is full of visual representations of a user’s to-do list. We’ve included progress bars to show how far you’ve come for the day and how much work you have left to go. This is a great and motivational way to see your daily accomplishments.

Your daily dose of real estate news

Rex includes RSS feeds of property specific articles from reliable sources of your choosing, which feed right onto your dashboard to help you keep up with what’s happening in the industry.

Buyer feedback is always on hand

Buyer feedback from inspections or open homes that a user has entered against a listing appears for vendor review and approval on the listing agent’s dashboard.

Contract events feed

The contract events feed works with Rex’s contract management functionality to push reminders and keep users up to date with their legal paperwork. Never miss an important date.


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