Sales Process Management

Agent Ledger & Xero Integration

Managing commissions doesn't need to be painful.

Rex and Xero work hand in hand to make managing your commissions as painless as possible.

Process agent commissions when a property actually settles

Rex’s commissions workflow allows you to add settlement payments to an agent’s ledger directly from the listing record in just a few clicks. Provided the contract has been signed, and you’ve invoiced and received money from the client, everything will be pre-populated like magic.

Calculated commission release suggestions

Rex will recommend a maximum commission payment if you’re yet to receive the full amount of commission from the vendor. This is calculated based on the agent’s commission percentage, how much was invoiced and how much (if any) of that invoice was already paid. This helps the agency, any involved third parties and agent all receive their share of the commission equally as it’s paid by the vendor.

Process commissions in bulk

To help save even more time on your commission pay-out workflow, Rex allows you to process multiple commissions in bulk. This can be done by selecting multiple properties or agents – whichever is easier.

Commission statements

For absolute transparency between admin and sales staff, and to save administration time, Rex gives you the option to generate simple, effective commission statements for hand off to agents. These can be generated on an ad-hoc basis for individual agents, or generated in bulk at the end of your pay run workflow.

Xero Integration

Rex’s Xero integration works hand in hand with agent ledgers to make pay runs as easy as possible. Rex allows you to import the extra miscellaneous expenses you add into Xero directly into Rex to keep your agent ledgers up to date and make financial reporting even more comprehensive. Then, when the time comes to pay your agents, Rex allows you to simply export your finalised agent ledgers directly to Xero. This reduces manual data entry – saving admin time and preserving the integrity of your financial information.

Export to your payroll software

Once your agent ledgers have been finalised, Rex’s data export workflow allows you to send agent commission payables to other payroll software via a CSV download. Alternatively, Rex’s integration with Xero allows users to directly export their pay run to the system.

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