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Feature release: Beautifully Branded e-Brochures

New Features

Rex’s e-brochures have had a major update. This hasn’t been a small nip ‘n tuck procedure – we’ve gone for the full body transformation. This latest update will package your listings beautifully and make it even easier for potential buyers to get in contact.

E-Brochures are great marketing collateral for your listings – but we thought, why not kill two birds with one stone? Promote your services to potential sellers at the same time, and get more bang for your buck.

So the next time you generate an e-Brochure from a listing record in Rex, mention a listing in a newsletter or send a new match alert – the first thing you’ll notice is you. Well, your brand. All e-Brochures will now feature your agency’s logo and brand colour in the header – for a bit of that subliminal marketing oomph.

You’ll notice that we’ve also replaced the thumbnail photo layout with a click-through slider in the same style as the portals your buyers are searching, for a more seamless user experience.

But this update isn’t purely cosmetic – it’s also incredibly functional. Rex’s e-Brochures are now completely mobile responsive, giving your agency’s brand a more professional look. They’re also more interactive – making it even easier for interested buyers to find out more.

Humans are lazy. Fact. That’s why we invented contraptions like the motorised ice-cream cone holder and the twirling spaghetti fork. So, how do you encourage them to get in contact with you? You give them Quick Call functionality – so they don’t even need to type in your mobile number.

This feature will be activated for all Rex accounts over the coming weeks (as long as you don’t have a custom e-Brochure). If you just can’t wait to try it out, your Super Admin user can activate it for your agency from the Admin section of Rex.

Click Advanced HTML Templates, then E-Brochure. Find the template named Rex e-Brochure Template (2017) and use the drop-down menu to set it as default.

Then, check the feature has been activated correctly by generating an e-Brochure for a published listing. You can do this by clicking the Brochure drop down menu, and then View E-Brochure. If you spot your agency’s brand colour in the header, you’re good to go.

Patience is overrated, anyway.


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