Streamlined Data Management for Real Estate Professionals

In Australia and New Zealand's dynamic real estate landscape, efficiency and clear insights are essential. Rex empowers professionals with the ability to obtain actionable insights with fewer clicks, saving time and eliminating hassle. With easily consumable financial data and business performance insights at your fingertips, you can take control of your data and enhance visibility across the business. Whether it's improving the productivity of agents and admins or simplifying pipeline visibility and follow-up, our interactive Custom Reports make complex tasks manageable, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in the market.

Custom Reporting for greater visibility

Getting visibility over your data just got easier. Introducing a compelling set of configurable reports that allow you to customise your agency’s reporting. Load thousands of records at a time with dozens of adjustable columns and the capability to group, aggregate and pivot data. Plus, built-in interactive reports that give you the benefits of reporting without having to dive in and create your own from scratch.

Enhanced visibility and insights to list more

The role of a real estate Agent in Australia and New Zealand demands agility, insight, and constant awareness of the market. Rex's solutions provide Agents with the tools they need to excel in these dynamic environments. From having complete visibility over listings to unlocking actionable insights from match profiles, we enable Agents to work smarter, not harder. With our interactive reporting solutions, Agents can convert more listings, engage prospects more effectively, and achieve greater success.

  • Comprehensive Listing Visibility: Have visibility over your listings and see more data at a glance without needing to click into records. Our interactive reporting solution unlocks insights that allow you to convert more listings and sales, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Actionable Match-Profile Insights: Use the contact report to unlock actionable insights from match profiles. Our tailored tools enable you to uncover match profiles in more useful ways, enhancing your ability to connect prospects with the perfect property.
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Efficiency and Precision: Tailored Tools for Real Estate Agency Admins

Admins are the backbone of any successful real estate agency, and in the fast-paced markets of Australia and New Zealand, having the right tools is essential. Rex's solutions are designed with Admins in mind, empowering them to improve data quality, simplify contract management, and maintain an organised workflow. With custom reporting and real-time visibility into key dates and milestones, we assist Admins in managing the vital details that keep an agency running smoothly.

  • Data Quality Enhancement: Improve data quality across your agency with Rex's Custom Reporting. Better data visibility helps highlight opportunities for improvement, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and efficient decision-making.
  • Simplified Contract Management: Contract management is simplified with Rex. Keep track of important upcoming dates and mark the key milestones, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Gain visibility into upcoming requirements, so you never miss a key date again.

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Essential tools to lead with confidence

In the demanding real estate landscape of Australia and New Zealand, Principals are tasked with leading, coordinating, and driving agency success. Rex equips Principals with the tools they need to achieve these goals, providing unprecedented visibility into team productivity, ensuring alignment, and supporting data quality management. Our Custom Reporting features, sharing capabilities, and detailed insights empower Principals to lead with confidence and make data-driven decisions.

  • Unparalleled Team Productivity Insights: Gain unmatched visibility into the productivity metrics of your team. Custom Reporting enables you to select specific data fields to explore, pull in related data, filter, group, and pivot. This robust functionality allows you to assess KPI performance across your team, focusing on what matters most.
  • Enhanced Team Alignment: Keep your team on the same page with a fresh approach to morning meetings. Share and save reports across your agency, ensuring that everyone can view the exact metrics most relevant to their roles and goals. With Rex, team alignment becomes an attainable and sustainable practice.
  • Robust Data Quality Management: Improve the quality of data across your agency with our specialised tools. Better data visibility leads to better quality, and Rex's Custom Reporting highlights opportunities for continuous improvement, strengthening your agency's foundation.
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Get the most out of your day with Rex CRM’s productivity enhancing features.
Get the most out of your day with Rex CRM’s productivity enhancing features.
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Our local care team is here for you, whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.
Our local care team is here for you, whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.
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