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Our customers are our number one priority. When you join the Rex family, we have your back from day dot.


Our care team is here for you

At Rex our in-house onboarding, training, success and support teams work together every day to ensure your experience with us is, to be completely honest, five star. That’s our goal for every client. No matter how big or small their business, how simple or complex their goals.

Need help? Just ask.

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Get more bang for your buck

Rex is a feature-packed workflow and marketing platform bursting with opportunities for your real estate agency to streamline its best practice process, and save time and money. 

We know Rex is an outstanding platform – but of course we would say that. The customer care team here at Rex is made up of onboarding specialists, dedicated trainers, frontline supporters and success managers who can show you the full extent of Rex, so your team can:

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Power through admin
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Canvass, list and sell more property, more efficiently
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Deliver outstanding results for your own clients  
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Build strong lifelong relationships within your local community

The Rex rule of three

When it comes to ensuring you are 100% happy with your real estate agency software, our approach is based on three foundations:


Making sure you have access to the skills and knowledge your agency needs.


When you're under pressure the last thing you need is a problem. We have your back.


We’re your ears and eyes on the ground, talking with the Product team every day.

Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Our team is here to help you be great

Sure, we can use words like dedicated and caring to describe them – but we prefer a more personal approach. Next time you speak with one of the team, you’ll know a little bit more about them and what makes them tick.

Meet AJ

Head of CUstomer Care & Operations
“Rex is a big product – if you don't aim to know everything you can about it, you're making your life harder. Get in, become a Rexpert and free up hours of your week!”
Likes: Movies, sci-fi and fantasy novels, dogs
Dislikes: Pumpkin, rude people and running
What's your favourite Rex customer story? 
I have hundreds. The most satisfying thing about all of them is that I was able to take away someone's frustration or stress and help make their days a little easier.

Meet Joel

“Do your Rex Uni modules, make sure you use everything we have to offer!”
Likes: My dog Albert, my band, every type of food
Dislikes: Ketchup, hot sunny days, insects
What part of your job gives you the most satisfaction? 
Having smooth happy onboards and turning those difficult situations into long lasting relationships.

Meet Sophie

"We're all working toward the same goal. We want all users to receive an outstanding customer experience and to ensure Rex constantly improves and evolves."
Likes: Food, bad 90's pop music, snow
Dislikes: Being late, wee beasties, boats
What's the best piece of advice you have for Rex customers?
There are teams of people here whose job it is to help you get the most out of Rex - say hello!

Meet Kev

“We genuinely want each of our customers to be the best they can be, because then we all win!”
Likes: My kids, scuba diving, classic scooters
Dislikes: Politicians, liver, clowns
What part of your job gives you the most satisfaction? 
My favourite thing is when I see the light bulb go off over someone's head (figuratively, of course) when they grasp the real value of the system and how it can actually make a real difference in their lives.
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Meet the whole team

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