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71 – 75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

The Agency UK (TAUK) is a self-employed Estate Agency model that combines the sophistication of a premium brand with the agility of a start-up to empower agents from start to finish with great technology, operational support and personalised marketing strategies.

Built on the principle that when agents can spend more time building relationships with clients, everyone wins.

The founders of ‘The Agency UK’ started their careers in traditional estate agency, and hold over 60 years of collective experience between them. Both co-founders Andy & Mark, are early adopters of the online and hybrid space to experience how technology could benefit a property transaction and to allow them to offer consumers alternative ways to transact.

TAUK works to match vendors with a Local Estate Agent, one of The Agency UK’s Local Property Professionals, who knows the specific market best.

“The great thing about Rex is that it’s not complicated to use, but it’s complex in what it can do.”

— Steph Walker, Operations Director at TAUK

Use your CRM on the go

“I’ve got everything right here on my mobile... to have everything at the touch of the button is absolutely fantastic.”

Having an independent agency model, it’s really important for TAUK to enable their agency to work flexibly, this includes on the go. Rex Mobile keeps the agents connected on the road, and making sure they never lose an opportunity. It allows agents to update records on the go, to ensure the data is always accurate.

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"The great thing about rex is it’s not complicated to use but it’s complex in what it can do."

Rex allows TAUK to scale their business effectively

“What’s exceeded my expectation is the open-ended API, for us to be able to integrate different products with Rex in the future.”

— Andrew Vass, CEO & Founder at TAUK

As The TAUK team continued to scale, expanding county to county they needed to implement a technology solution that would grow with their business and be flexible to work the way they needed it too. In order to streamline tasks, and to not only make the team more productive but to improve business generation and day-to-day operations.

They found that the Rex CRM, was seamless for the business. They were able to implement solutions into the business quickly and have it work as expected. Not having to wait and being able to use these solutions instantly has made them more agile and allowed them to build better relationships with their customers and communicate with them throughout the sales journey.

"Rex gives agents the automation to stay in contact with customers, at critical points in the journey."

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