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Award winning real estate agency saving 88.8 admin hours every month

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LJ Hooker Nerang

Since LJ Hooker Nerang started using Rex in October 2015, they’ve saved around 4,488 hours in Admin time every year - give or take a week for Christmas. Yep, Office Manager Emily Megraw has crunched the numbers and worked out that just by switching CRMs, they’ve enabled their administrative staff to work far more efficiently.

Emily knows what she’s talking about, and she’s got REB’s 2021 Operations Manager of the Year award to prove it. But how exactly have LJ Hooker Nerang completely freed up two whole full-time admin staff?

Saving 88 hours a month with Rex

For many years, LJ Hooker used an in-house system. “It was developed by IT for real estate… It didn’t have intuitive user capability,” Emily said.

So, they started looking at alternatives.

We were looking for systems that gave us more usability for the sales team, a more friendly interface, things that could still track and systemise processes. We are very process driven - so automating emails, letter trails, that’s all very important to us.

Emily Megraw

Office Manager at LJ Hooker Nerang
(2021 Winner REB Operations Manager of the Year)

They heard about Rex through the grapevine. A number of other LJ Hooker offices were already using the system and loving it.

The only platform your agency needs

When LJ Hooker Nerang were weighing up which CRM provider to move to, it was important to find one that let them use the other tech tools important to their business. "So we don’t need to keep plugging in providers," says Emily.

With Rex, LJ Hooker Nerang has been able to significantly streamline their tech toolbox.  

“Slowly, slowly, we’ve dropped away certain providers, and now we use Rex a lot more. It’s been a big focus for us to use Rex to its full capacity.”


LJ Hooker Nerang needed an intuitive system for their salespeople, freeing up their admin staff to add value in other ways. When they found Rex, they quickly learned how to use the functionality to its fullest potential and became one of our most engaged clients.




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