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Feature release: Super Intelligent Search Bar
How many times a day do you search Rex for a contact, property or listing record? 20 times? 50? May...
21 Dec 2017
Tips & Updates + 1 more
Understanding Rex's Privilege Roles
There’s no way to make this topic sexy. Perhaps you could try reading it to yourself in George Cl...
30 Nov 2017
Tips & Updates + 1 more
Save 4 hours a week with a real estate CRM
What would you do with an extra 4 hours a week? You could make 200 more cold calls. Or hold 8 mo...
23 Nov 2017
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How to convert real estate leads into clients for life
Searching for hot real estate leads is often the bulk of an agent’s workload. In fact, the averag...
1 Nov 2017
Tips & Updates
Fake Rex Emails: Phishing Scam
Bad news, friends. It appears that Rexperts, real estate agents, property managers, admin staff, o...
25 Oct 2017
Tips & Updates
3 real estate sales reports to get the best out of your team
Want your sales team to focus their efforts, up their game and smash targets? Of course you do! (Yo...
11 Oct 2017
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