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Save 4 hours a week with a real estate CRM
What would you do with an extra 4 hours a week? You could make 200 more cold calls. Or hold 8 mo...
23 Nov 2017
Real Estate Business
The avo-munching millennial: everything you need to know about your youngest clients
Gen-Y, Generation Me and Echo Boomers - the fresh-faced, tech-savvy members of our society born bet...
12 Sep 2017
Real Estate Business
What you need to know about Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report
Mary Meeker - an American venture capitalist - gives an extraordinarily comprehensive report on the...
14 Jun 2017
Real Estate Business
'Statement of Information' - consumer law bringing the industry together
If you’re a Victorian real estate agent, you’re almost definitely aware about a certain las...
28 Apr 2017
Real Estate Business
How McDonald's can help you sell more houses
We humans have a hardwired love for consistency. It’s what allows us to understand, predict a...
7 Apr 2017
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
Why aren't real estate agents fully mobile? Prepare for the boom.
This week I was tasked with writing an informative little number on the benefits of mobile tool...
24 Mar 2017
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