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Real Estate Tech
Our top 7 hidden costs of cheap real estate tech

“Cheap” is good for your wallet in the short term, but actually harmful to your business in the long run. Considering a low-cost CRM? Read this before you sign anything.

Inside Rex Software
User Research at Rexlabs

You’ve probably heard the term User Experience (or UX) before. Tech companies use it when talking about their approach to product development. But what are they actually talking about?

Product Updates
Win back control of your day with our NEW Rex Calendar

The new Rex Calendar has been built with real estate in mind, to streamline your office processes, minimise missed appointments and save you time. 

Tips & Updates
Sell houses like they’re Happy Meals using tracks

Tracks are so much more than just a convenience measure. They’re your best friend when it comes to standardising your agency processes, and this has some huge benefits.

Product Updates
Steal back your time by auto-sending SMS/emails from tracks

You’re already using Rex to schedule your SMS and email mail merges, bulk mail merges and newsletters ahead of time. It’s time to kick your automation up a level with new functionality that automatically actions your tracks and reminders – sending messages at exactly the right time. 

Tips & Updates
Is your tech still in its box? Unwrap it now to boost your productivity

Would you buy new office chairs and leave them in the storeroom? Or print fresh business cards and hide them away in a filing box, to gather dust? Probably not – that would be a waste of your hard-earned money. 

Inside Rex Software
A glimpse into the first version of Rex

We call our first version of Rex "Rex 1". It was released way back in 2011, when technology played a much smaller role in real estate. Admins had systems – maybe you even had a “complete” real estate CRM, like MyDesktop. But with an interface like that, we’d forgive you for never using it.

Inside Rex Software
Our biggest Rex update deserves a party.

Welcome to Rexfest 2021, our free two-month long learning festival. Here you'll find articles, panels, podcasts, Q & A’s, behind-the-scenes and so much more to help you be more efficient, increase your revenue and get a leg up on the competition. 

Product Updates
Introducing Rex QR Codes for contactless self check-in

By now, you’re probably all familiar with the QR Code. Originally designed in 1994, the humble Quick Response code has recently been thrust into the limelight to help with contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. From today, you can now create a QR Code for your open homes and inspections from inside Rex – and your attendees can check themselves in! 

Product Updates
Schedule your SMS and email messages in advance

Simply tell Rex when you want your messages to be sent and the system will take care of the rest, automatically sending your SMSes and emails at exactly the right time!

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