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Real Estate Tech
Time to audit your real estate agency tech stack?

Tech is great when it works the way it needs to work, but that, unfortunately, isn’t always the case. If your team uses too many programs that don’t communicate with each other properly, it can take up unnecessary time.

Product Updates
Meet Rex Live Dashboards, your new best friend

Revolutionising Rex’s reporting capabilities has been a big, hairy goal of ours for some time now it's great to announce our first three Live Dashboards are here! It's the culmination of a lot of the robust feedback you have given us over the years in terms of reporting. 

Real Estate Tech
Why automate? The benefits of agency automation

If you are tired of managing all those mundane tasks every morning, you should look at how CRM and workflow automations will help save your real estate agency valuable time.

Product Updates
Introducing Rex + Zapier Integration

With Rex and Zapier you can now build your own agency automations to make your business processes. Automate the mundane tasks in your real estate agency and spend more time on the things that matter

Product Updates
Tips & Updates
Introducing Rex Zaps

If you are new to Rex + Zapier automation and not sure what all the talk of ‘zaps’ is really about we’ve broken down the basics here

Inside Rex Software
A product designers insight on International Women’s Day

This blog post was written by Yolanda, a Rex senior product designer. Join her as she discusses her journey as a woman in the Technology space on International Women's Day.

Real Estate Tech
Our top 7 hidden costs of cheap real estate tech

“Cheap” is good for your wallet in the short term, but actually harmful to your business in the long run. Considering a low-cost CRM? Read this before you sign anything.

Inside Rex Software
User Research at Rexlabs

You’ve probably heard the term User Experience (or UX) before. Tech companies use it when talking about their approach to product development. But what are they actually talking about?

Product Updates
Win back control of your day with our NEW Rex Calendar

The new Rex Calendar has been built with real estate in mind, to streamline your office processes, minimise missed appointments and save you time. 

Tips & Updates
Sell houses like they’re Happy Meals using tracks

Tracks are so much more than just a convenience measure. They’re your best friend when it comes to standardising your agency processes, and this has some huge benefits.

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