Social media in real estate part 20: humanise yourself (and a have a Merry Christmas!)

December 20, 2011
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"Today people don't trust companies. One of the things marketers want to do is to humanise their brand. What better way to do it than put a live person in front of them." -Jackie Huba

Your social media presence should not just be article after article posted - don't get me wrong, posting the useful content you should be posting is important, but unless you show yourself as human and can interact with the people (who are clients and potential clients) that are following your brands, your social media strategy won't work.

Would you turn up to an appraisal and only spit out facts and figures to your potential client? I really hope not for your sake! You would converse with your potential client, build rapport with them, make them feel comfortable around you, you'd talk about mutual interests - all with the view of building a relationship with them and winning their listing.

The normality of face-to-face communication is thrown out of the window with some social media marketers.

Two doctoral students from the University of Missouri have completed research study that shows people are more inclined to respond positively to a personal human voice over impersonal communication on social media sites.

You have to remember to be professional, but to be yourself when you are giving a human voice to your social media profiles, otherwise you will come across as fake and will be doing yourself a disservice.

Add some humour to your posts

One great way to add a human touch to your social media profiles is to use humour in the posts you make. The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Media Branch administer the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the QPS, and effectively use humour while providing valuable information.

Why not add a little humour as part of your "human voice" to your posts to encourage your followers to engage with you online and offline?

Put a name to your posts

To show you are not a robot and are indeed a real person, put your name on your blogs, tweets and status updates. Doing this will humanise your social media accounts and makes you more relatable to the people following you.

If you don't humanise your brand, no matter how good the content you are posting is, you won't get far, unless you're the BBC!


On behalf of the whole team here at Rex Software, I'd like to wish you, your teams and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

Thank you for your loyal readership this year, and we look forward to providing you with even more information about how to better use technology and real estate to get results with your agency in 2012!Merry Christmas!

Peter Bongiorni

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