Already more powerful than a locomotive, Rex is now faster than a speeding bullet to match

May 26, 2016
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - It’s Rex! Only slightly faster.As well as working on new features and functionality, our developers do a lot of housekeeping. They’re constantly dusting off the existing code in the system, polishing any slow processes and doing what they can to keep Rex in peak condition. It’s not necessarily ‘debugging’ – it’s more like waxing a snowboard to make it go faster. Except rather than wax we use architectural changes, infrastructure upgrades and request profiling.This kind of programming is obviously far less exciting than a whole new feature, so we don’t really bother telling anyone about it. It's stuff that would normally go unnoticed to the untrained eye, so it’s hard to get excited about. But over the last two months Rex has had a pretty significant grease and oil change. We’ve just deployed an enormous spring-clean, and the results speak for themselves:

Rex software real estate CRM speed improvements graph

As you can see, Rex is steadily racing along at twice the speed it was on Monday.Users will find Rex suddenly scorching ahead at speeds blistering in comparison to last week. Chariots of Fire will play from the heavens as everything loads in record time. The government will ban Rex out of fear if it’s ever opened, it will be so fast time itself will reverse around the user and they’ll have to relive insurmountable horrors of the past - like the Spanish Inquisition or Big Brother. Jamaica will offer Rex an honorary citizenship.Well… maybe it’s not quite that fast - but it should be noticeably quicker.At the end of the day, faster software equals a far better experience for everyone. Enjoy.

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