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Tips & Updates + 1 more
Understanding Rex's Privilege Roles
There’s no way to make this topic sexy. Perhaps you could try reading it to yourself in George Cl...
30 Nov 2017
Tips & Updates + 1 more
Save 4 hours a week with a real estate CRM
What would you do with an extra 4 hours a week? You could make 200 more cold calls. Or hold 8 mo...
23 Nov 2017
New Features
Feature Release: Pocket iOS search and quick actions
Spotlight integration First thing’s first: what on earth is Spotlight? If you’ve ever pulle...
9 Nov 2017
Uncategorised + 1 more
How to convert real estate leads into clients for life
Searching for hot real estate leads is often the bulk of an agent’s workload. In fact, the averag...
1 Nov 2017
Tips & Updates
Fake Rex Emails: Phishing Scam
Bad news, friends. It appears that Rexperts, real estate agents, property managers, admin staff, o...
25 Oct 2017
New Features
Feature release: post mail from your CRM with CRM2Print
Note: The CRM2Print integration is currently available for Australian customers only. Imagine a ...
18 Oct 2017