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One brand for lifelong customers

September 28, 2021
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Ten years ago we introduced Rex Software to the Australian market. Our vision back then was simple: to become synonymous with enabling agents to deliver a great customer experience - being responsive to requests for contact, finding the great buyers for listed properties, and being the first port of call when someone decides to sell.

We learnt a lot in the process of building the first and second versions of Rex - about how great products should work, and what tools the property industry really needed to get the job done. This knowledge led us on a journey to create and market Siteloft as a website provider for beautiful real estate websites and then build Spoke as a tool to deliver digital ads without the need for any specialised skills in tools like Facebook Business Manager or Google Ads.

Today our product range is found in agencies across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, driving efficiency and growth in the listing and selling process. Each product stands proudly in the segment where it operates and delivers value for its users every day. But like all good businesses we’ve arrived at a key turning point for us as a company and for you as our customers. 

When we launched Siteloft and Spoke, we did so with a rough idea about taking these products and extending them into other markets outside real estate. They could grow and develop their functionality to meet the needs of a wider industry. But the past year (and yes this is probably another COVID story) has given us the space to actually redefine what we care about most.

A few months ago we completed a project that allowed for a lot of reflection and deep thinking. We needed a vision that inspired us as an organisation, but also talked in the language of the people who matter most to us - you, our agency customers. 

Our 2021 mission centres on the concept of home. 

Together (in partnership with agents) we help people find, change and make a home.

This mission, which puts the property industry front and centre in everything we do, has drawn the line in the sand around what we as a company do and don’t do. We are single-minded in our pursuit of working with our customers to truly transform the experience of home at a more fundamental level today.

It is also a mission based on the knowledge that all great things are simple (Winston Churchill). So let’s get back to making things simple - making your suite of technology solutions that drive agency efficiency and growth simple to buy, simple to use, and simple to integrate.

Our journey to this simplicity nirvana isn’t a quick trip to the local cafe. It’s a road trip to a new and exciting destination and it all starts with the brand “Rex Software”.

Today around the world more than 10,000 users have an active Rex login. This is the brand delivering the backbone to their agency operations. For some of you, it’s a brand you have loved and supported for the whole ten years, for others you may have just joined us and are exploring the potential of the Rex CRM and Workflow engine to deliver your own unique version of excellence in customer service.

Last year we shared with you all a new look to the Rex brand - and a new way Rex would sound. The Rex brand embraces three key values and these are the drivers behind everything Rex does:

We keep it real. 

We are committed to building trust and integrity in all that we do. Being honest and upfront is at the core of all our interactions with each other, with our customers, and with buyers and sellers. 

Being authentic to ourselves shows in everything we do. It is important for us to have a point of view so we can share our passion and ideas openly.

We keep it simple.

Transactions that happen in the world of real estate sales are complex. We get that, and so we work these things as simple as possible for agencies and for buyers and sellers. We don’t need to use deep tech-talk or jargon because we are confident in our skills and our knowledge and we share this generously.

We are all good humans...

and know our customers are too. We act and talk to you in a direct and personal way so we can connect and develop relationships that matter. We value everyone equally and ensure we act with compassion and belonging.

Our central promise at Rex is to enable property professionals around the word to deliver their own great customer experience efficiently. When we do this our customers have the tools they need to grow their business and thrive in a highly competitive market.

Acknowledging the support the new Rex brand has from our customers has given us the confidence to take the leap and move from our current house of brands structure, where each brand stands alone and unsupported to our new branded house. In this new presentation, the product range will present a unifying presence, a common language, and most importantly deliver a single access point to an agency ecosystem.

Meet Spoke by Rex Software

Meet Siteloft by Rex Software

Welcoming Spoke and Siteloft into Rex Software

Over the next few months, Rex Software ( will become the home of Spoke and Siteloft. This master site will become the single source of our extensive library of resources and content, delivering insights and best practices to agencies across the countries we serve. As a customer of one product, you’ll be able to access all the resources from all the products.

You’ll notice the brand logos change and the way our marketing materials look. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with just one social media page on each platform, making it easier to stay up to date with all the news and product info.

You’ll also see the logos change within the product apps themselves. But don’t worry - the products will still continue to do everything you need them to do.

Next year as we work our way through this journey you’ll find new and exciting ways in which the products work together, enhancing the user benefits of a much broader agency ecosystem. And you’ll see new products coming soon to change the way you think about your agencies operations.

This is an exciting time for our customers and our staff. Bringing our products together under one brand shows the world our commitment, and future dedication, to everyone in the property industry. 

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