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Feature Release: New Form Integrations for ADL and REINZ

New Features

ADL forms integration

New integrations for Australia and New Zealand via REINZ and ADL forms

Imagine I ask you, “what’s the one thing you love least about being a Real Estate agent?”. There’s at least an even chance you’d spit “legal forms” like you’d just bitten into a rotten apple. REINZ and ADL forms are painful. They’re a soul-crushing phenomenon of boredom that’ve become such a renowned cliché that now even pointing out how boring they are is another cliché in itself. And so, we’ve set out to make working with forms a little more tolerable with this release.

For our Australian users, Rex now provides a lightweight desktop app to integrate with ADL forms. For our users in New Zealand, Rex now integrates directly with the forms service provided by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ).

Both integrations work by using Rex data to complete forms in the ADL or REINZ applications as fully as your data and the particular integration allows. The more information you add to Rex, the more we can fill out for you. And the more time you’re going to save.


REINZ is a national, voluntary organisation that provides products and services to approximately 13,000 agents throughout New Zealand. Rex now gives you the ability to generate a REINZ contract of sale via the REINZ forms service. The ability to complete the contract of sale is the only integration currently allowed by REINZ.

Data populated via the integration includes purchaser and seller names, dates, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and prices. This should considerably reduce the amount of copying and pasting you need to do when generating your REINZ contract of sale form.


Because ‘ADL Forms’ is a desktop application, Rex’s integration with ADL is powered via a lightweight desktop app we’ve specifically developed to run this integration. As a result, our integration with ADL can only be used on a computer running Windows XP or a later version of Windows.

The app works with Rex to fill out the specific form or forms you require. As with the REINZ integration, listing, appraisal, property and contact data stored in Rex is made available for use in generating your ADL Form. In contrast to the integration for our New Zealand clients, our integration with ADL Forms covers the full gamut of legal forms made available by ADL’s software. This includes comprehensive, up-to-date forms for NSW, QLD, VIC and WA.

We hope these improvements save you time and make working with forms a little more bearable. It should also minimise the significant risk of errors made while your brain is in autopilot, retyping the same details for the duodecillionth time.

Now get out there and live a little.

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