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Feature release: Pocket – your app for open homes

New Features

Open homes: where sellers wait with bated breath for a sale.

Open homes. That beautiful moment when the buyers and sellers you spend your life bringing together finally intersect. Where new paths are carved out and tiny, future feet scamper down hallways. Where sellers wait with bated breath for that sale, and buyers greedily breathe dreams of a fresh life.

In a world that needs more love at first sight – open homes are an oasis of hope and new beginnings. There are plenty of ways to improve your OFIs (we’re pretty partial to the ol’ apple-pie-in-the-oven trick to make the place smell like Grandma’s cooking), but we think we’ve really hit the nail on the head here.

To help you better play your role as matchmaker, we’ve updated Rex’s new app, Pocket, to make OFIs far more time-efficient on you and your team.

Open Homes

Pocket has had open home functionality since beta. The only problem was that it was hidden deep within the depths of the application. 12 taps deep, in fact. You don’t have time for a dozen taps when you’re flat-chat greeting people, handing out flyers and desperately directing attention towards the lovely patio and away from the formica kitchenette. You need an open home register you can unholster in seconds so you can log an attendee’s details without breaking momentum.

So we’ve made a few pretty major tweaks to Pocket’s UI to make running your open homes far more seamless. 300% more seamless, in fact. We’ve cut 12 taps down to three. Now you can start firing contacts into your database from the hip like John Wayne.

Now you can quickly navigate to, and edit, your OFIs while you’re on the go. From here, you’re already ready to start adding attendees or feedback. We’ve turned Pocket into a quick-draw open home register.

Adding attendees will prompt you to either select an existing contact record, or quickly create a new one on the fly. All you’ll need is a name and some basic contact details for follow up later.

From there, you can record their interest level, a price indication and some general feedback for your vendor reporting. It’s a far more streamlined workflow and we know you’re going to notice a huge difference at your inspections this weekend.

Stay tuned for more updates to Open Homes soon, Rexperts. Pocket is only going to get better at check-ins and follow up. (Though for full disclosure – we don’t think we’ll ever be able to properly code that new ‘Apple Pie’ functionality you’ve always dreamed of…)

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