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Feature release: Pocket Handsfree™ – the first truly mobile real estate CRM

Real Estate Tech

While we were creating Pocket, we knew we had to make it the first truly mobile real estate CRM. And that means we first had to be truly mobile. With this feature release, we’ve really hit the nail on the head. Announcing… Pocket Handsfree ™.

There’s mobile real estate, and then there’s mobile real estate.

Imagine you’re driving, and your phone sends you a notification. What do you do? Should you wait to find somewhere you can pull over, and probably lose that lead in the process? Or do you reach down for a sneaky peek at your phone – endangering your own life, and the lives of those around you?

We take the safety of our clients extremely seriously – which is why we’ve created a Pocket Handsfree.

After nine months of rigorous design and development…

…it’s finally here. A stylish new apparatus to allow Pocket to be used completely autonomously – whenever, wherever.

Pocket Handsfree (patent pending) is the latest in real estate technology. RRP: $300 AUD.


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