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Feature release: filter buyer feedback by interest level

New Features

If you use the feedback feature in Rex, you’re going to love this feature release. We’ve made it much simpler for you to follow up prospective buyers or tenants who have left feedback. 

Before today’s release you could filter by feedback type, but not by:

  • the person’s level of interest in your listing (each feedback entry is rated hot, warm or cold); or
  • the date the feedback was left.

This meant you had to manually work through your feedback, one entry at a time to find all your most interested buyers.

The new filtering functionality on feedback gives you a simple way to bring up a list of contacts, filtered by the interest level they indicated for that particular listing (recorded against the feedback entry) and / or by the date that feedback was left. 

Using these additions, you can now:

  • bring up a list all the contacts who have been marked as having Hot, Warm or Cold interest in a listing
  • filter and then email all of the people that have inspected a property and left feedback in the last few weeks 
  • bulk email all open home attendees with an auction reminder or similar, excluding those who left Cold feedback 
  • reach out to those contacts that left feedback more than a month ago and ask them to re-inspect the listing following a price reduction
  • prioritise your call back list every week, starting with those who gave Hot feedback and leaving those that gave Cold feedback for later

– and whatever other uses you can think of.

What’s more, this functionality has also been extended to contact records. When viewing a contact on the feedback tab you can now bring up a list of listings that they have expressed specific hot, warm or cold interest in, or inspected within a specific time period, and use that to follow up in a more personalised way.

Here’s how it works.

On a Listing record level

Next time you go to a Listing record, you’ll notice the circular view list of contacts attached to feedback button is now named view contacts linked by feedback

Previously, clicking the circular button would open a dropdown list giving you the option to view all feedback or select the types of feedback you’d like to view. 

Clicking the button now opens a new dialogue, where you can filter the contacts linked to feedback on that listing. 

OFI feedback filter

You can also filter the feedback received from a single inspection by clicking on the action menu, for an OFI feedback entry then clicking view contacts linked by feedback. 

How to get nitty-gritty with your feedback filtering

You are now able to: 

  • Limit to feedback type(s) 
  • Limit to interest level(s) 
  • Limit to feedback before, on or after a particular date 

So, for example, you could limit to only Hot feedback provided at an Open for Inspection on Saturday, 29 June 2019. (Remember – interest level on a feedback entry is independent of a person’s individual Hot/Warm/Cold setting on their contact record.)

Filter Linked COntacts

Click Open List and you’ve got a list of interested buyers to follow up, first thing on Monday morning!

Of course, each of these fields is optional. If you choose not to enter any filtering parameters,  simply click Open List and Rex will return a list of all contacts with feedback attached to that listing record – the same list as you’ve always seen.  

Quick bulk actions

You can do tonnes of stuff from the list view, including bulk merge (email/sms/letter), start a step-through, generate a pocket agenda, bulk add tags, add to mailing list and more.  

Moving swiftly forward…

On a Contact record level

This new functionality allows you to view all feedback a particular contact has left on any listing within your database and filter by date, type and interest level.   

So, say you’re dealing with a picky buyer who has attended a bunch of open homes over the last four months. You would navigate to their contact record, open the Feedback stream and click view listings linked to feedback. Then, enter that information into the filtering fields.

filter linked listings

Rex will give you a list of all the listings they’ve provided Hot feedback for over the last four months, so you can remind them of those listings they’ve liked (and missed out on).  This shows your buyers that you truly do listen to their feedback. It also gives you the opportunity to outline why your newest listing is perfect for them, based on their level of interest in similar properties in the past. 

Thank you to everyone who created and voted on suggestions for this feature release! One parting note: we saw this request come up in Rexperts and support channels a number of times. However, Rexperts is a user-driven group; a place for you to talk with other Rex users. Our development team does peruse the channel for ideas from time to time, but they do not actively monitor the posts. As such, Rexperts posts don’t have much of an impact of feature prioritisation. There have also been a few support tickets requesting a work-around, which our support team have addressed on a case by case basis. However, there weren’t many votes in the Uservoice suggestion! 

Uservoice is the platform we use for feature suggestions. A lot of features we’re working on shipping right now are heavily influenced by the feedback we get, so it’s important you vote. In the words of the great John Farnham: You’re the voice. Please, use it! 

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