Introducing the Rex email dropbox for painlessly filing emails

September 23, 2014
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The value of remote access to your Rex account is intrinsically linked to the quality and quantity of the client data you store. That’s why today's release focuses on giving you access to better quality client information with virtually no effort on your part.We know that the easier Rex makes it to record your key interactions with your clients, the more value you will get out of your connection to Rex in the cloud. Resolving client queries, making contact on the road – whatever your use case, quality information gives you a new level of convenience and control over your client relationships.This release focuses heavily on email – often the start and end point for many of your most import client interactions. Rex’s new “email dropbox” allows outgoing and incoming emails to be filed automatically against the relevant contact record in Rex, from any email client (cloud based or desktop).How it worksFiling emails against your contact records in REX is almost comically simple.Step 1: for outgoing emails copy your Rex dropbox email address via the BCC box; for emails received from clients, forward the email to your Rex dropbox email address.You can find your Rex dropbox email by navigating to the "Hi, [Your Name]" > "Profile" menu. From there, select "Email Dropbox" on the left.Step 2: Rex files the email against any contacts whose email appears as a recipient field (for outgoing emails) or an original sender (for forwarded emails you receive from your clients).We also provide a simple filing workflow as a fall back when an email address doesn’t match an existing contact in Rex.How you get startedTo help you get going quickly, we’ve put together some guidelines on getting started with Rex’s new email dropbox feature. For details, please see one of the following articles (you need to be logged into Rex to access this info):

Other recently released items:

  • New marketing Credit Usage reports
  • New support content (videos and articles) for Newsletters and Brochures (search “brochures” or newsletters” from the support menu in the top right
  • Cover pages for stock-lists, a new "optimize for A5 booklets" option and five new stock-list formats (see formatting options when generating the stock-list):
  • a5 booklet
  • 6 to a page
  • 5 to a page
  • 4 to a page
  • 3 to a page
  • 2 to a page

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