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Real Estate Tech
The effects of machine learning in real estate
From self driving cars to better online advertising, to composing music to diagnosing cancers - ‘...
5 Dec 2016
Real Estate Tech
Self driving cars effect on urban development
I sent an abridged version of this article to Real Estate Business Online. The following is the ful...
22 Nov 2016
Real Estate Tech
3 productivity boosting apps you should be using
This is a revised version of Rex CEO, Anton Babkov’s article on productivity-boosting apps that a...
17 Nov 2016
Real Estate Tech
The imminent real estate chatbot uprising
Chatbots are software programs that integrate with platforms like Facebook messenger and Slack, and...
10 Nov 2016
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
Real estate and home automation: prepare for the smart home
It’s 5:59am. The soft patter of the winter rain hitting the window is the only sound to break the...
2 Nov 2016
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
Does my real estate agency need a virtual assistant?
Sure, software makes things easier for the real estate industry. But Bill Watterson put the trade-o...
10 Oct 2016