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Real Estate Tech
You need to get on board with virtual tours. Here's why.
We get it. You’re already shooting professional photos. You might be filming walk-throughs. Perha...
9 Jul 2018
Real Estate Tech
Introducing Hitch - a better way to refer clients to the best service providers
It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Hitch - aptly named to hitch you up with the ver...
23 May 2018
Real Estate Tech
Introducing Spoke - digital marketing for real estate, made simple
About a year ago, we decided that we wanted to revolutionise digital marketing for real estate agen...
18 May 2018
Real Estate Tech
3 reasons robots won't replace real estate agents
A new breed of real estate professional is starting to enter the workforce. They don’t get Monday...
26 Apr 2018
Real Estate Tech
Feature release: Pocket Handsfree™ - the first truly mobile real estate CRM
While we were creating Pocket, we knew we had to make it the first truly mobile real estate CRM. An...
1 Apr 2017
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
Why aren't real estate agents fully mobile? You need your database on your phone
This week I was tasked with writing an informative little number on the benefits of mobile tools. E...
24 Mar 2017
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