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Real Estate Business
Why you’re losing leads, listings and extra business
Losing even a single lead can be a disaster. You never know how much potential referral and rep...
22 Feb 2017
Real Estate Business
Welcome to the sharing economy for real estate
Ahh, the ‘sharing economy’; the new age of free (or at least cheap) love and tech-powered commu...
8 Feb 2017
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
A 5 minute analysis of social media trends in 2017
It’s hard to understate the impact social media has had, and continues to have, on the world. Don...
16 Jan 2017
Real Estate Tech + 1 more
Choosing the right real estate CRM for the New Year
Any business that wants to compete needs to arm itself with the best tech tools available. Real ...
5 Jan 2017
Real Estate Business
Want to get more done? Stop multitasking
Who isn't looking for ways to get more done? Anyone? ... I didn't think so. I don’t really bel...
22 Dec 2016
Tips & Updates + 1 more
7 real estate blogs to add to your Rex RSS feed
  We’ve always had RSS feeds incorporated into your Rex dashboard. They’re generally consid...
15 Dec 2016