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4 core values the tech giants share
A company’s values impact everything from the way it works and the products it creates, to the pe...
16 Apr 2018
Tips & Updates + 1 more
Understanding Rex's Privilege Roles
There’s no way to make this topic sexy. Perhaps you could try reading it to yourself in George Cl...
30 Nov 2017
Inside Rex Software
Meet the team: Tom McCarthy
As you might be aware, we’re currently putting the finishing touches on the Rex mobile applic...
15 Feb 2017
Inside Rex Software
2016 at Rex - a quick review of our best year yet
This is the second year we’ve released our pre-Christmas review of the last twelve months - so I ...
20 Dec 2016
Tips & Updates + 2 more
How Slack changed the way we do business
Following on from my recent post on how open offices can encourage collaboration - I thought we...
26 Sep 2016
Inside Rex Software
Yoga at work is saving us $8000 a year
Taking a look at Silicon Valley, you might imagine the tech industry as a laid-back, banana lounge ...
23 Jun 2016
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